Crayton Cemetery & York Creek Cemetery

Crayton Cemetery is a family cemetery where James “Jim” and Jane Bell Spruill Crayton and their descendants are buried. Other members of the Crayton family are buried at the York Creek Cemetery at Clearview Baptist Church in the York Creek community.

For many people, having a family cemetery is something that is very sacred. Having two is even more special. Many of our passed loved ones are buried in the Crayton Cemetery or in the York Creek Cemetery. Click here for more.

The Crayton Cemetery in Guadalupe County, Texas is located beside Lehmann Rd. It is 2 miles from Hwy.1979 on Lehmann Rd. It is also known as the Mulkey-Crayton Cemetery. The deed to the cemetery has not been found although a conscientious search has been made of the deed records in the Guadalupe County Courthouse in Seguin. It is believed by several family members and an adjoining property owner, Mr. Lehman (age 90 years), that the land for the cemetery was donated by Will /Bill Jones who died in 1915.

Crayton Cemetery is a family cemetery. James “Jim” and Jane Bell Spruill Crayton and their descendants are buried in this cemetery.

The cemetery is named for James “Jim” Crayton. Their daughter Tennessee Crayton Mulkey and some of her children and grandchildren are buried in this cemetery, hence the second name of Mulkey-Crayton.

Jim Crayton was born a slave on 16 April 1854 in Martindale, Caldwell Co., Texas the son of John Crayton and Riley Kimble. John Crayton was an Anglo Saxon, a widower for thirty years and the owner of forty slaves when he begat Jim. Riley Kimble was one of several Indian slaves John Crayton purchased from a man who brought the Indian slaves to Martindale from Oklahoma. Jane Bell Spruill’s mother Sarah “Sallie” Allen was one of these slaves.

His father acknowledged Jim Crayton. He was taught ranching, farming and how to break wild horses. He went on several cattle drives to Kansas. He and Jane Bell Allen Spruill married June 14, 1872 in Caldwell County just as he started on a cattle drive. Their sons were also cowboys. Their son Bruce took cattle up the Chisholm Trail to Kansas City.

Born in slavery and living through Reconstruction, Jim and Jane Bell Crayton lived a prosperous and contented life. According to deed 516 & 517, dated 16 August 1887, in Guadalupe County Courthouse, they built a two room dwelling of pine lumber with gallery on land leased from P.G. Sowell, (son of A.J. Sowell of the Texas Revolution and a writer). They had 18 children, 9 boys and 9 girls. 11 of these children have been located and at least 9 of them are buried here.

Historic pioneers are buried in the Crayton Cemetery. Honorable and hard working, they have left a memorable legacy. Click here for the full listing of known buried.

York Creek Cemetery is located at Clear View Baptist Church in the York Creek community. The church is over 100 years old and is home to many relatives as well. It is affectionately none to many as The Little Church on the Hill.” Click here for the complete list and photos of the known buried.